Our industry’s selfie problem

It seems that the “selfie” – the self-directed photo style that has come to dominate many social media channels, particularly among the teenage set – is causing a lot of handwringing among social commentators. For many, it represents the further plunge into self-absorption that the Millennial generation has been association with for a number of years (fair or not, the stereotype is widely applied to anyone under 30 years of age).

Personally, I don’t mind the selfie. I’ve taken many selfies in my life, even before the advent of the two-camera smart phone made them so easy to take, and subsequently, so common. I can remember back in college taking selfies with old-school cameras. Thanks to my long arms, I developed quite a skill for pulling off the selfie, which came in handy when my buddies and I wanted to have some fun with the disposable cameras that were often set out at weddings.

But what if every photo you took was a selfie? Or even if most of them were? What if your family photo album was full of pictures of you mugging for the camera rather than the people you love or the places you’ve been? Continue in the blog…

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